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    • Long list of links for Web 2.0 and teaching, sorted by category and with brief descriptions
      – post by Christy Tucker
    • Many links to resources for Web 2.0 and other techy sites. – post by Julia Buck
  • tags: web2.0

  • tags: web2.0

    • eine riesen liste der web2.0 diemste.   nicht doll designt, aber kategorisiert
      vergleichbar mit einem “sauberer”  gefuehrten delicius account.

      – post by Pierro Marie

    • Cool you rock – post by velma davis
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    • Great article about web 2.0 research and “back to school” tools. – post by Justin
    • Oversikt over ulike web 2.0 løsninger knyttet til læring og undervisning – post by Lars Opdal
    • The following is a compilation of Web 2.0 products that I’ve personally researched and tested. These services are grouped into two main categories: “Tools”; and “Office Applications”. Some more specific services include: organizers, gradebooks, – post by Rob Jongschaap
    • 2006, tools for teachers and students – post by Julia Lesage
    • List of web 2.0 tools useful for teachers and learners – post by Stephanie Sandifer
    • List of Web 2.0 tools and services for learners.


      • Diigo is mentioned here. 🙂
      • Check out the comments for several tools and services that aren’t included in the list.
      • It’s Part 1 of “Back to School with the Class of Web 2.0″, with the other parts detailing online applications, and the real-time use of these services in classrooms and learning institutions.

      By: Solution Watch

      – post by Wired Psyche

    • Cubre la mayor parte de las herramientas de educación online disponibles y hace un repaso de sus principales usos. – post by Jose Luis Pajares
    • this is a great website for teachers who are interested in using technology as a tool in the classroom. The author has done all of the hard work for us and found a list of fabulous websites to help us all do our jobs better – post by Louise Robinson-Lay

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