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Understanding search engines Start your engines Which link should I follow? Believe it or not
Search technique and strategies The Keys to Search City Your search toolbox The advanced search squad
Features and operators Quick Finds Advanced Advantage The Search Summit
Module A: Understanding Search Engines

Understanding the fundamentals of how search engines work will help your students become better searchers. This module starts with basic concepts and concludes with something that educators overwhelmingly asked us to cover: teaching students how to judge search results and validate the authority of sources they use.

  1. Start your engines (Basic)
    Web 101; search engines overview; online content that is indexed and searched.
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  2. Which link should I follow? (Intermediate)
    How Google search works; anatomy of a search results page.
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  3. Believe it or not (Advanced)
  4. Validating site authority; taking a research stance when using a search engine.
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Module B: Web Search Technique and Strategies

Search is easy but some practice and technique will take your students a long way. This module will help you teach basic tips and tricks and conclude with methods to deal with even the most challenging searches.

  1. The Keys to Search City (Basic)
    How to organize and approach a search.
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  2. Your search toolbox (Intermediate)
    Best practices for keyword selection and use of search operators.
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  3. The advanced search squad (Advanced)
    Different types of content indexed by Google; using it to address search challenges.
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Module C: Google Web Search Features

We are constantly trying to improve search and making Google more useful. Help your students take full advantage of Google’s search technology with a solid understanding of its features and functionality.

  1. Quick Finds (Basic)
    Every day search features, tips and tricks.
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  2. Advanced Advantage (Intermediate)
    Using Google’s search options, Advanced Search and operators.
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  3. The Search Summit (Advanced)
    Taking advantage of language tools; experimental features and more.
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