Managing Complex Change
Thinkleadserve has all their information

John Carver, superintendent, says last year there were 4 1-1 districts in Iowa, now there are 14 districts, next year there will be 43 districts, and he believes there will be 106 1-1 districts. That is approximately 1/3 of all Iowa schools!

I need to get a copy of the diagram that shows the components that need to be in place to be successful.

All Macs – Casper Suites is used – sounds like Synchroneyes to me – 16 thumbnails show at a time – constantly scrolls through student screens – security method. They lease this through Apple.

Vmbulldogs is there webpage – they are transparent with community about all they are doing and have no issues with people being concerned about invasion of privacy issues.

The progressiveness of this district has proven to promote economic growth in their community!

OODA – orientation – observation – decision – action
*follow this premise when initiating change
Cannot measure 21st century learning with 20th century assessment!
Their secondary level is talking about moving away from grades to standards based assessment.

PLN Class:
-had kids choose some Web 2.0 tools to build their pln
-social networking and web 2.0
-the student pln network
Van Meter Elementary Library Voice – check this out, Google it

Questions I have:
-where does the money come from? curriculum money?
-battery life, outlets
-Mac vs. PC
-number of tech personnel?
-stolen or dead laptops?
-life of laptops?
-other tech resources? ipads? ipods? student cells?
-teacher and student tech training – pd? money for pd?
-how/when for pd? for teachers?

K-5 education – wondering if entire district needs to be modeled after K-5 instruction? Great idea, in my opinion!
-how do we create a living, morphing system that grows as our students progress K-12?

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